College football.

The last Saturday in August is usually a great day of opportunity to get juices flowing for betting college football. This year, 2020, ruined this Saturday just like it ruined the last six months, Derby, March Madness and just about everything…

Instead, 2020 gave us Austin Peay at Central Arkansas to start things off. I jumped on AP +2.5 1st half and +4.5 game and unexpectedly really enjoyed the fist 2 minutes and the last two minutes of the game. The middle 58 minutes was a scene of Brett Favre-esque turnover machine on both sides of the ball, and I was at least able to feel like a winner for one half of the game. Amazingly, central Arkansas after turning the ball over 492 times in the game, the pieced together a game winning drive and nail in the coffin with last minute TD.

It’s only week one and I’m thankful for that and the fact, that I don’t ever have bet on those two turds, EVER AGAIN. Let’s have fun this year and I hope you’ll check out Hitmapicks regularly for free picks, fun shit, sports and gambling.

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