16-17-18 Tribox winner…STOP IT, PLEASE

Another Derby is here, a few months late a few horses down, but it is here. One thing for certain is that there is no shortage of drama involved with the shitshow that is 2020 and Derby can’t avoid the mayhem either.

After scouring the megaphone for morons, twitter, it appears that there will be no chance to make any money this weekend, “it’s a chalk fest”, “I’m not even interested, all favs all day”, “why would I be excited about Derby, it’s easy, 16-17-18 tribox, winner”. Exhausting. This year has something we haven’t seen in sometime, tons of long shots and after all, this is the Derby, who knows who is juiced up, who will impede progress or who the stewards will or won’t give the win to… Get this, 18 horse field, with EIGHT 50-1 long shots which is almost as many as the last three Derby’s combined.

I haven’t started to dig into Oaks or Derby, but can I say, pump your F’ING BRAKES! Every year I’m reminded of one of my best friends and his first trip to the Kentucky Derby. His cousin, Eric, gave him $500 to bet on Giacomo. Derby day rolls around and we start the festivities around 8:30am, around cocktail number 16,300 that day a guy named “Jimmy” explained to John why betting that horse was insane and “he should wipe his ass with the $500 instead of wasting it on that turd horse”. Jimmy is the guy we all know at the track, but John didn’t know about “Jimmy’s”. The rest is history, but the reason I’m saying this, is just so everyone calms down, and checks to see, what avenue could get you the score of a lifetime. Finally, Eric still hates John.

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