At least the Miller Lite wasn’t $13… Good/Bad News

Let’s get the Bad out of the way first… To start #10, Thousand Words took a nasty spill and was scratched and was my second choice. Good News, he was scratched and didn’t have further injury.

Bad News, Honor A.P. put in a ton of work because of a dog shit ride sitting 15 lengths off for 3/4’s and then being asked to cover that distance in the stretch coming in a disappointing 4th. Good news, we should have a new jock on Honor A.P. moving forward.

Bad News, after hitting the Mid Pick Four, I somehow ended down for the weekend. Good news, I wasn’t actually down because I made my own margaritas, had great food, and the Miller Lites I drank were not $13 per beer. I bought 24 cans at $18.99 at Publix, that’s great news!

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