Derby Draw blah blah…

It’s that time of year, kind of and on Tuesday the post draw for the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby will occur. I know a lot of people have already staked out the space that, “this year is going to suck because…” blah blah blah. Look folks, it’s Derby weekend, get ready for some fun.

The blah blah blah crowd also believes that there isn’t a horse on the planet that can knock off Tiz the Law on Saturday. I’m not saying there is, but it’s the Derby and I sure as hell hope we see him come in 3rd, 4th or off the board, because honestly, I like money. Over the years, the most exciting times other than when I was at the finish line for the only Triple Crown winner since 1978 American Pharoah’s win (yes, he is the only winner, not that juiced up other one, Juictify), are the races that everyone has the winner and boom 55-1 Giacomo comes in. With that said, I’ll be posting some picks this week and hope you can have some fun with me betting, winning and not spending $13 on Miller Lite at Churchill Downs but drinking 24 of them for $19 in the comfort of your own home.

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