It’s that time of year again, football season! Each week I will list one to three free picks. Will they win? Who knows… Do I care if you lose? Nope, because I can guarantee I lost more than you did on the pick… With that said, take it or leave it, here are some of the picks I’m going with. One last thing, my best picks in NFL are reserved for my Circa Million II, but since those picks are locked as of 2pm, nobody can steal my good stuff…

Free Pick week one: This week is actually pretty exciting because apparently out of the 3,148 entries into the Circa Million II, I a the only person to have picked two games… So with that, here is the Free Pick week one NFL

Rams +3 – After a disappointing end to the season for the Rams including a blowout loss to the Cowboys 44-21, the Rams will be ready for this week one challenge and get back to up tempo offensive football. That will play into what I believe will be a blowout victory for the Rams as the Cowboys new head Coach, Mike McCarthy is one of the worst coaches in the history of the universe. McCarthy’s two run and a pass offense is not only brutal to watch, but it’s also an offensive design that doesn’t work in today’s NFL. Trust me as a life long Packers fan, watching his style of Football during the prime of Aaron Rodgers career was brutal. ON top of McCarthy being awful, I believe Rams on both sides of the ball are a superior team and will be playing with a huge chip on their shoulder. Rams blowout win.