BEAT of the WEEK

If you follow me on twitter you know that I like to get right into season form, so I dove in on Austin Peay and Central Arkansas Saturday night like a real psycho… Obviously we couldn’t have anticipated the shit show that ensued with an opening 75 yard play for a touchdown for AP. The fun of that play almost kept me awake through the next 45 minutes of continuous turnovers. The good news, I hit the first half with Austin Peay +2.5, the bad news, well it was really that I was forced to pick Austin Peay or Central Arkansas on what should have been the first College football Saturday of the year. In reality, the game got very interesting with under two minutes to go, which brings the bad news. AP drives the field to score and go up by one with about 2 minutes to go. As Central Arkansas starts putting a nice drive together with under a minute, I assumed that they would turn the ball over for the 32nd time of the game, but no, they score a touchdown and light my money on fire… One and one on the year and it’s the only game so this will have to do as my beat of the week!